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To assist your organization meet the challenge of disruptive change and seize global opportunities for increased business agility and profitable outcomes, Advent Global Group, provides a wide range of assurance, technology consulting, and business leadership services. Whether you are an early disruptor or an industry leader, work with us to chart your path through the most difficult obstacles to global growth, profitability, managed risks, and competitive advantage.

Business Consultancy

Through its extensive global network, Advent offers you up-to-date marketing trends, data, and solutions, empowering you to make smart business decisions on a local, national, and global scale.

Leadership Management

Businesses now cannot endure global inflation with a 1990s mentality. Today's businesses need to be able to communicate with a wide range of audiences, including partners, suppliers, auditors, employees, investors, and customers. Advent's objective to lead and trends keeps it focused.

Technology Development

The market for business solutions powered by AI technology is expanding quickly. At Advent, we blend industry and business knowledge to deliver cutting-edge, customer-focused technology solutions to you for your business.


A group of connected professionals with experience in business, marketing, and technology garnered from industry experience, formed and ran Advent Global Group LLC. 

In addition, we are skilled in customer relationship management, company development and marketing, consultancy, corporate training, business thought leadership, and startup and turnaround operations.


Advent is a consulting firm with network in the United Kingdom, the United States, UAE, Australia, Africa, and Asia. We stroll in different lanes to address any obstacles for our clients instead of being restricted to a single road. Our network consists of global investors, lawyers, and financial advisors in addition to business and IT professionals.

The goal of Advent is to position your company or brand for success in the erratic market of today. 

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